We got to this point: Mercedes-AMG launches an electric scooter that can reach 20 km/h

May. 22nd, 2023, 06:45 PM GMT
Once upon a time, when AMG was an independent workshop, owned and managed by its founders, Hans Werner Aufrecht and Erhard Melcher, their creations were brilliant to the point of deep fascination for all of humanity. From the very first AMG SEL 6.8, which took victory at Spa in 1971, to all subsequent models on which the German workshop made its mark, the name AMG was applied only where engineering and maximum performance were being worked on.
Photo: The first AMG SEL 6.8, from which AMG's reputation began

But those days are long gone, the AMG workshop has not been independent for more than two decades, being a division of Mercedes, and now we have reached a situation that many AMG fans would not have thought they would ever see, the moment in which AMG launches an electric scooter of not even 1 HP, which only reaches 20 km/h.
It seems that the AMG emblem has become so commonplace that it also fits a 0.5 kW power scooter, so 0.68 HP. The scooter promises to accelerate faster than similar ones, to give it "an AMG character", but once the top speed is 20 km/h, it's hard to tell that this AMG character means it.
The scooter has slightly larger wheels than others, with a diameter of 20 cm, to give it a little more stability and maneuverability. And, paradoxically, it also has adjustable suspension, which should help it ride more comfortably on bumpy roads.
The scooter weighs 14.7 kg and has a 0.45 kWh battery, which should give it an autonomy of 40 km in eco mode and 25 kg in Sport mode, with the "AMG character" activated.
By the way, the AMG scooter is not even manufactured at AMG, for its production being contracted to the Swiss company Micro, which also makes the famous scooters for children and adults with the same name.
Why did Mercedes-AMG choose to launch an electric scooter? Because all AMG models will become electric by 2030 anyway, say the Germans. Why do we think it's a bit embarrassing and uncertain for AMG's future? Because we have the example of the Spanish brand Seat, which has been producing scooters for some time and which announced last week that it is considering not producing cars at all, but only scooters. How much does the new Mercedes-AMG electric scooter cost? The price is 1,400 euros or about 1,450 US dollars.
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