(VIDEO) This is the new Porsche Mission X, the electric hypercar that wants to become the fastest production model, at least on the Nurburgring

Jun. 10th, 2023, 07:09 AM GMT
Ilie Toma
During the ceremony marking Porsche's 75th anniversary, the German manufacturer launched its hyper performance model for a new, electric era. It is, if we will, a kind of Carrera GT of our times, or a 918 Spyder of times when nothing can compete with electric performance, especially when its engineering is done by engineers who know what precision and light weight mean.
Now, the new creation has official prototype status, but it announces from the start to become the fastest model on the Nurburgring, and that inevitably involves its transformation into a series model, which can be registered and driven on public roads.
Porsche Mission X has scissor opening doors, in the style of Porsche's Le Mans cars and the name Mission X recalls the expression used as a slogan by Porsche in previous participations in this legendary race, where Porsche also holds the primacy at the number of races won. And yesterday's night's perfectly synchronizes with the upcoming Le Mans race in 2023, which will take place this weekend, so starting today, where Porsche returns in force, along with other notorious manufacturers, with the change of rules and the sudden transformation of this year's race into one of the most exciting in many years.
This car knows what aerodynamics means, and for the sake of it, the wheels are of different sizes, 20 inches in the front and 21 inches in the rear, says Porsche. It knows what low weight means, that's why it uses carbon fiber extensively as a material, in addition to carbon fiber reinforced plastic. And on top of that, the Mission X also brings a completely new design for Porsche, with an updated 75-year emblem with new visual signatures for the front and rear lights.
And the carbon fiber makes it light. Porsche does not yet announce the exact weight, or the power, but says that 1 horse-power will have to propel 1 kg, and this ratio of 1 HP/kg is considered a supreme peak even for cars with conventional propulsion. In the world of electric cars, achieving this is something even more impressive!
Porsche does not announce how many electric motors the new car will have, but we believe that there will be 4 in number, and we also believe that this Porsche will incorporate part of the engineering experience of those at Rimac Nevera, in which Porsche has invested so much time. If we want, somehow the time has come for those from Rimac to make a gesture of thanks to those from Porsche and probably many of the superb solutions developed for Rimac will be transposed or even perfected here.
The battery and electrical system, for example, operate at an even higher voltage of 900V instead of 800V, and this will allow for an even higher charging power and a shorter charging time. The battery is positioned mainly in the area behind the seats and will give the necessary concentration of weight on the center of the car, similar to that of a mid-engined hypercar.
So, it's clearly a car with engineering thought out to the smallest detail, down to the last Watt, which has all the ingredients to become the fastest production car in the world!
See a video with the new Porsche Mission X below.
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