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A bit more about TimelessDriving:

Let us get straight to the point: why would you read our content, what is our concept and what does distinguish us among other good automotive content created?

Timeless. Not necessarily old.

All of us who are passionate about cars and driving also have a thing for timeless cars, don’t we? And it’s not only about the age of a car, but rather about the passion put it. So, our content puts more accent on cars that have a timeless ingredient in them. It can be a proper historic model, manufactured 40 or 90 years ago, but it can also be a recent, 15-year old model that is already treated with admiration. Or it can even be a present-day car that breaths passion and timeless potential in every bit.

Aware of great care classic cars deserve and aware of collecting value, but not necessarily elitist

We are truly aware of what an authentic, collector-item car means, and we put a great value on authenticity. We understand what a FIVA certificate means. And we truly understand why Concorso d'Eleganza at Villa d'Este is as exclusive as it is, and it has the right to be so. But, at the same time, we strongly believe timeless passion can be much broader and then, including, but not limiting itself to that highly soared-after cars.

We are convinced that an affordable timeless car can be sometimes treated with the same passion. We admire those who put their hand into working themselves on their car. And sometimes a modified car, even in an unexpected way, can be a result of and equally admiring passion.

Cars, motorcycle, trucks, motorsport, engineering, unknown stories from past that are admirable today

Timeless Driving doesn't mean only cars, and not only cars that are collectibles. We can focus on motorcycles, trucks or any other driveable vehicle. Sometimes we may focus our attention even to boats, planes, engineering or discovering of lost and forgotten great stories that are still admirable and intriguing today.

Open minded, able to get deep into subjects, but keep them simple to understand

We love engineering, mechanics and everything that forms the timeless value of a vehicle, so sometimes we get deeper into some subjects as to fully put them in context and making them understandable. And we are convinced in the power of going through complex things while keeping everything simple and easy to understand.

Yes, electric cars as well. Open minded, remember?

While we all can put a great value for a 6-carburator classic engine and love the sound of a V8 or V12, we are still open minded to electric cars. Moreover, there are electric cars today that are superbly pleasant to drive, or ones with such a degree of engineering, that there are promising future legends. So, let us not limit ourselves.

Diversity. International and local

We write in English, but we are not focused to a particular country or region. TimelessDriving is borderless, and it should be. Moreover, we are convinced that local intriguing stories from some countries can be interesting for many more around the globe. After all, passion for timeless driving can be so diverse and so colorful that finding new things from the least expected country can be more intriguing that we would think of. So, if you have a hint for such an intriguing local subject, worth knowing worldwide, send it to us!

No commercial or sponsored posts

One simple but important thing is that we do not accept commercial and sponsored posts, or getting paid to have an opinion. We are sincere and transparent to our community of readers and never say something we do not truly believe in. So in deciding to publish something we are guided by the question if it would be truly interesting and valuable to our audience. We are funded by our audience through advertising platforms such as Google AdSense, and at one point we plan introducing monthly or one-time donations on Patreon for those who feel our work deservers a direct contribution.

Passion is timeless. Youngs are more than welcome

It is admirable to see passion for timeless cars in the eyes of any age, even the youngest of them, who are only discovering their interest for classic designs, engineering and cars. If you have a slightest interest in that, our content will let you discover intriguing things. Yes, a 19-year old owner of a classic car, bought for 5,000 and with hundreds of ours of work put in it can be as inspiring. After all timeless means staying forever young!

And finally, news, articles, texts, videos, how to stay connected?

Yes, there will be daily posts on, with news and articles, shorter or more profound. From time to time, we will also publish about the cars our editors drive. And yes, we do also plan videos, so be sure to subscribe to out new YouTube channel, to our Facebook page, Twiitter account and to our Instagram and TikTok pages, the links to which can be always found on the bottom of any page.

Welcome to Timeless Driving!
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