(VIDEO) This is a Honda Civic EG from 1992 discovered in Canada, with only 12 kilometers traveled, being the first manufactured

Jun. 27th, 2023, 07:33 PM GMT
The Honda Civic from the EG generation is one of the most beloved generations in Honda's history, both in North America and in Europe and Japan. It was a simple model, but excellently designed, durable, and above all pleasant to drive. Well, now imagine how special this Canadian find is. The car below is the #1 car made for North America, with the VIN number 000001 at the end, and on top of that, it has only driven 12 km in its entire 31 year history!
Yes, the car was made in 1992, but it has only accumulated 12 kilometers on the board in all these years, and the current owner says that he came across it by chance and bought it immediately. He changed the oil and reanimated it a bit and drove a few hundred meters with it, increasing the figure on the odometer from 11 to 12 km!
The car is in an absolutely flawless condition, like a new car in the full sense of the word, and this also applies to what can be seen under the hood, and to the suspension or other components.
Everything shines, and in some places you can see factory marks - even if the first manufactured copy was thoroughly inspected at the factory, to see if everything went well. Back then this Civic was manufactured at the Honda plant in Ontario, Canada.
The engine under the hood, by the way, is a 1.5-liter, naturally aspirated, delivering 103 HP, mated to a manual gearbox. It's a 16-valve engine, which was enjoyable to drive.
The owner says he is not selling cars at the moment, although he has some generous offers for it.
See it all in the video below.
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