(VIDEO) From today, Fiat stops producing gray and silver cars, announcing that life must have color

Jun. 26th, 2023, 08:49 PM GMT
Fiat announces today one of the most courageous, brilliant and resonant decisions it has taken in recent decades. As of today, the Italian brand completely stops producing gray and silver cars of any shade, a move that many would consider totally irrational as long as gray is one of the best-selling colors in the world. But Fiat chooses the path of going all out to ban a very popular choice, winning everyone else's love for its bravery. And, moreover, Fiat is the first manufacturer in the world to make such a decision!
Fiat also filmed a video to explain their decision. They showed how beautiful and colorful Italy is, and gray cars have nothing in common with the spirit of Italy. And Fiat must have the spirit of Italy in it, regardless of whether it is sold in its homeland, or in the USA, Great Britain or any other country in the world, even if in many of them gray was the most popular color. Therefore, the Italians have come to this brave decision to exclude gray from their range, and from now on the colors of Fiat models will be inspired by the sea, the sun, the land and the sky of Italy!
Therefore, from today only Fiats full of bold colors will be produced and sold in the world, reflecting the idea that life must have color!
See below and the video by which Fiat announced its decision, teasing other manufacturers and putting a gray Fiat in a huge pot of orange paint to give it color.
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