(VIDEO) Bugatti offered a few Chiron owners the chance to drive over 400 km/h on the track of the NASA rocket launch center

May. 29th, 2023, 07:01 PM GMT
Owners of modern Bugatti examples have real engineering jewels in their garages, created for intangible performances of other cars. But the truth is that it is very difficult to be able to reach the maximum speed of a Bugatti in real life and especially to do it legally and safely. The Czech Radim Passer did it last year on a highway in Germany and triggered an entire investigation by the German prosecutors as a result of that fact, an investigation that eventually found him innocent. But the French manufacturer thought of offering a few of its customers the chance to reach 400 km/h in an even more special way.
Bugatti leased the Kennedy Space Center complex in Florida, USA, where rockets from NASA's space programs have been launched for decades. The center has a track 3 miles long, so almost 5 km, once used even for space shuttles, and for Bugatti it was the perfect and straight strip, where the cars would have had enough space to reach 400 km/h and then stop in safety.
So 18 Bugatti owners from around the world, probably 18 of the most prolific and eventual multiple cars owners, were invited there in Florida to reach 400 km/h driving a Bugatti. The highest speed reached by one of the customers was 412 km/h and all participants received as a souvenir the customized racing suit and helmet, in which they marked the 400 km/h.
Bugatti also published a short video of this experience, which gives a curious foray into the world of the brand's standards. The video must be watched with sound, because the W16 engines inevitably make themselves heard.
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