(PHOTO) What the classic Audi models from the 1970s would look like in allroad interpretation with quattro traction

May. 24th, 2023, 07:00 PM GMT
The quattro all-wheel drive made its way into the Audi world only in 1980, primarily in rallies, and then also on series models. The first Audi allroad quattro model appeared in 1999, as a station wagon with increased ground clearance, for adventures and offroad capabilities, but based on the Audi A6 C6. How would the Audi models before the appearance of quattro and allroad, since the 70s, if they were treated with the same style of increased passing capacities and the quattro system? A club of Audi enthusiasts in North America, helped by several designers, with the help of artificial intelligence Midjourney, imagined several answers to this question.
Because those who wrote the tasks for artificial intelligence formulated them so creatively and clearly, they ended up with wonderfully interesting machines. They combine lines and even major parts of Audi models from the 70s, turning them into station wagons, with high ground clearance and quattro traction.
Plastic body protection areas were applied, but steel rims specific to those years were kept, as if they were taken from some Niva.
It is interesting that all the modified design preserves the authentic design style of those years, from chrome details, to the type of wipers, the outline of the windows, or the bumpers.
Nothing seems extra or from a foreign period, except perhaps the very wide wheels of one of the creations. But that too is more reminiscent of rally cars and is still perfectly harmonized.
As a result, the generated cars look so good that probably even Audi fans, passionate about classic cars, appreciate their appearance and, if such realistic creations existed, they would certainly be tempted to collect them!
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