What does a Mercedes-AMG EQS 53 look like with Brabus tuning and a price of a quarter of a million euros, in an era of electric cars

May. 16th, 2023, 08:27 AM GMT
Brabus has released its tuned version of the Mercedes-AMG EQS 53 electric model, and as with the regular EQS, Brabus say they have done things right, ”as it should be”, improving the car and the new AMG version. aerodynamics, and efficiency, suggesting that they had work to do after those at Daimler in perfecting the essentials for an electric model. And besides that, of course, the new Brabus creation gives us an eloquent picture of what the newer AMG electric models look like, with Brabus tuning.
The very idea of ‚Äč‚Äčtuning an electric car may seem absurd to many of us. Or, if previously the tuning workshops polished the engine blocks, sometimes increasing the stroke and bore of the cylinders, for more displacement and power, and later mounted larger turbines and intercoolers, and then things were simplified at the level of software rewriting, now tuning such an electric Mercedes-AMG does not seem to add anything valuable to the performance, compared to the subscriptions that Mercedes already sells for this model and which give a few dozen extra horsepower.
Precisely because of this, we are no longer surprised to learn that Brabus has not added a single kW of extra power to this model, it remains exactly as it left the factory or as much as the owner can remotely activate, paying monthly subscriptions to Mercedes. Nowadays, in the era of electric cars, when you have a Brabus AMG EQS 53, it means that you have better aerodynamics than the manufacturer, which improves your fuel efficiency by about 7% at higher speeds. Respectively, you also have greater autonomy. So, the paradox is that now you don't get a louder or faster car from Brabus, but one that is more aerodynamic and efficient. It almost sounds like cognitive dissonance, but it is.
However, in order for this Brabus-tuned EQS to attract buyers, Brabus has worked hard to at least modify its design, to make it look more aggressive and visible on the roads, as it should be a Brabus.
So, of the whole equation that you get from Brabus, the modified appearance of the interior and exterior, with ground clearance that can be lowered lower, will be the element that will give you at least some justified reasons to opt for a Brabus.
As I said, in this chapter the people from Brabus have worked intensively, both inside and outside, and have created an appearance worthy of the Brabus logo.
Since the EQS is a heavy car, Brabus have also thought about the brakes and, as part of an optional package, ceramic and carbon brakes can be installed. Performance-wise, this will certainly bring the most tangible benefit to such a heavy machine.
And the whole car with tuning from Brabus costs 251K euros, or about 275K US dollars as a starting price!
So, this is what the future of electric tuning models looks like. Until the engineers from Brabus will invent a more powerful and efficient electric motor to replace the original one, the changes to the factory one are as limited as possible, and all available engineering reserves have already been used by the manufacturer, so there is not much room left for tuning.
So in this case too, the people from Brabus were not lazy, on the contrary, they were as creative as possible and even improved both aerodynamics and efficiency. This is what the new era of electric cars looks like. And it seems that the people from Brabus were a bit nostalgic for the cars of yesteryear, as they recalled that their first sound improvement of aerodynamics, but with a massive increase in engine performance, took place once on the Mercedes W124, in 1985. Eh, what times!
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