(VIDEO) A McLaren Senna GTR was lifted by crane to the 57th floor of a block of flats in Australia, in the most expensive penthouse

May. 11th, 2023, 04:47 PM GMT
McLaren Senna GTR is one of the most fascinating and high-performance cars in the world, specially created for perfect precision and speed on sports circuits, it cannot be registered for public roads. They cost about $2 million, depending on the region and taxes, and usually the owners of these cars either keep them in the garages of some circuits, or take care to organize their transportation for outings at the favorite circuits. But one owner in Australia decided to take the McLaren he just bought to his penthouse on the 57th floor of a block of flats in Melbourne.
The apartment is qualified as the most expensive penthouse in Australia and cost the owner 39 million Australian dollars, equivalent to about 26.2 million US dollars. The car cost another 2 million US dollars, and the young owner, named Adrian Portrelli, says that climbing the car to the 57th floor was part of the negotiated amount for the car.
The operation of lifting the car with the crane on the 57th floor required precision work at a great height, as well as a team of 8 people.
The good thing is that the block, which is in the final stage of construction, had the crane still installed, so the logistics were easier.
But, once placed inside the apartment, the car will have no other options than to sit still there, looking at the gorgeous view. But that means it will waste its engineering potential as a piece of furniture.
The McLaren Senna GTR has a V8 biturbo engine of 4.0 liters and 825 hp. The production of this model is limited to only 75 units, so its value should increase over time. It is difficult to estimate, however, how much the value of this McLaren that will sit still in this penthouse will increase. In theory, if it's kept long enough, at some point it will have time capsule status and might be worth the effort of getting it out of the apartment, with all the associated logistical complications. Until then, however, it will certainly be impossible to steal or crash, except in some Tower Heist type scenario.
See below also a short video from Australia with the operation of lifting the car on the 57th floor.
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