Bizarre car from 1960s France, an air-cooled Citroen Ami 6 for sale in Luxembourg

May. 3rd, 2023, 08:03 PM GMT
This car is one of the most bizarre and futuristic that Citroen has ever produced and, in fact, the whole of France. It has such an avant-garde design, as if those who created it wanted to go beyond the limits of the conventional in absolutely all elements, from the headlights to the rear window, ultimately creating a real spaceship on wheels. And today, looked at with admiration, this car seems as visionary and captivating as a good science fiction book written in the same period.
It's a Citroen Ami 6, a car that, as bizarre as it is, you'd never say it could win over 1.8 million buyers throughout its career. And it's also impressive that such an eccentric design was rendered to a relatively compact and affordable car.
However, the technical substrate came largely from the famous Citroen 2CV, and this car basically represented a bigger, more civilized pose and about 35% more expensive than the 2CV, but keeping the basic robustness of the 2CV. Initially, the sales were not exactly brilliant, the public being reluctant to give such a big price difference on it, but later the additional space and the design of the car convinced more and more people.
The engine under the hood is a 2-cylinder, 602 cubic cm, boxer, air-cooled, as is natural to find in a car developed on 2CV. Depending on the years and refinements, this engine delivered between 22 hp and 32 hp. The car we are talking about today is an Ami 6 Berlina, from 1963, the engine developing 24 HP.
The gearbox is a manual one, with 4 gears and even the gearbox lever is positioned bizarrely, with all the French chic around it that you could want.
The steering wheel, by the way, is the one with a single spoke in the lower part, leaving more space for visibility on the dials. Most of the controls are present on the center of the steering wheel or on the nearby cranks, exactly as is the design style nowadays, in a visionary minimalism that the people from Citroen conceived 60 years ago!
The pedals are very bizarrely positioned, the brake and clutch being very close to the steering column.
The back seat is spacious, and the sharp-angled shape of the rear window and pillars gave the effect of more space inside for the rear passengers.
By the way, the headlights were the first in the world, along with the Ford Taunus, that were no longer circular in the area of ​​the lighting elements, and that was an innovation at the time.
The car we see here is in exceptional original condition, having been preserved for a long time and having both the original upholstery and factory paint. It even has the factory markings on it. And on the odometer there are 54 thousand km traveled, lestt than 34K miles.
Because she was preserved, her reanimation was done as per the book. The body went through a polish and wax treatment and anti-corrosion protection with 150 hours of work at a workshop called Swissvax. The brake system was completely changed, with a new cylinder. The engine was disassembled to replace the segments, and all the valves and springs were changed. New gaskets were also put on everywhere, so a deep reanimation of a car was done, as it should be done after a long conservation. Even 4 new classic Michelin tires were installed!
The car, located in Luxembourg, still has the original black plates from the 60s on it. It's one of the most authentic Citroen Ami 6s you could want, so in impeccable condition. It doesn't cost very little — 37,000 euros is the price — but, with all the effort of preserving the car in Luxembourg and the effort of professional reanimation of it, with all the authentic condition, it is certainly an eccentric collector's car that makes its eyes French!
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