(VIDEO) What a 1990 Honda Accord with 1 million miles looks like, being bought back by the manufacturer

Apr. 23rd, 2023, 04:24 PM GMT
Hondas, especially models from the 80s and 90s, are known for exemplary reliability, when the 1 million kilometer mileage or even 1 million miles was a natural promise for any Honda-badged car you bought from the showroom. Below is a Honda Accord that has reached over 1 million miles, so over 1.6 million kilometers and the car looks so good that it is almost unbelievable that a 33-year-old car with so many miles traveled, can be in such a state.
The owner of this car was a US Honda service representative who bought it second hand with 74k miles on it and often used it to commute to other Honda dealers around the country for work or. In about 30 years, he accumulated 1.6 million kilometers, so he covered about 50-60 thousand km a year. And when he reached 1 million miles, Honda bought his car back, to cosmetically freshen it up and preserve it, giving him a new Honda instead.
The engine and transmission are original, from the factory. Only once did the car have to be transported to service with a flatbed, at over 1 million kilometers, when the fuel pump failed. The oil was changed 185 times, so on average once every 8,650 km, or a little over 5 thousand miles, not every 10 thousand km, as recommended by the Japanese manufacturer for this model.
The car has changed 9 timing belts, 13 sets of pulleys, 72 tires in total, 31 oil changes in the gearbox!
The car was operated in the northeastern states of the USA, the owner being originally from Maine, that's why some components have superficial corrosion, including under the hood, but there is nothing critical about it. Honda, after buying it, and did only a superficial cosmetic refurbishment, without any deep restoration, wanting to keep the original condition of a car that has traveled 1.6 million kilometers. The engine, by the way, is a 2.2-liter, 4-cylinder, 16-valve, aluminum block engine.
The interior has some minor wear and tear, but you'd never know this car has been driven this long!
Check out the video below for a detailed exploration of this high-mileage Honda Accord.
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