(VIDEO) Volvo has created an interior lighting almost identical to sunlight in the cabin of the new EX90

Apr. 13th, 2023, 04:37 PM GMT
Ilie Toma
Volvo may have a more restrained approach to the performance of its engines these days or to limiting the maximum speed, but the Swedes never cease to amaze us with small surprising details that no one would have thought about so deeply, but which come to improve what we call the quality of life on board. Because for those from Volvo, the notion of premium no longer means chrome and shiny surfaces in the passenger compartment, cars painted in two colors, one of which is gold, with a grille that shines from a post office. Not. Premium means, according to this approach, quality in what really matters, taken to such a vast and deep thinking that others don't really pay attention to it.
Now, Swedes announce that they have developed lighting almost identical to the world of the sun in the cabin of the new electric model XC90. What good would that do? Paradoxically, but that can make a huge difference. First of all, the entire interior texture will look better and more natural in the color of natural sunlight.
Second, the human eye and brain are programmed to maintain alertness and attention better under natural light conditions. Therefore, this lighting will help you feel energized and fully alert for longer, and that means less risk of road accidents.
Volvo has thus partnered with a company from South Korea, called Seoul Semiconductor, who have developed the SunLike LED lighting technology, which they have been successfully implementing since 2018, especially in schools, libraries, hospitals and other institutions. There are already studies and certificates of approval and ovations for this technology, issued by the most reputable entities, from Singapore, Switzerland and many other countries. In fact, even in Sweden, a country with little light in winter, the SunLike LED light, developed by Koreans, has started to be installed in public institutions, and now Volvo is also becoming the first car manufacturer in the world to implement it on its cars.
SunLike technology usually comes with settings that you can set, manually or automatically, depending on the time, or depending on how you want the light to be — midday or sunset. The noon one will be more neutral, while the sunset one will be more yellow and more relaxing. And it's not just about changing the Kelvin value in the temperature of the LEDs, but about phosphor-based filters, which make the light more diffuse, without artificial sparkles, and which adapt the spectrum of rays that are left from those filters to the existing spectrum of rays in the sunlight. Namely, the almost identical equivalence of this spectrum, accompanied by the correct temperature of the light, guarantees the light "almost identical to that of the sun" in these LEDs. By the way, in South Korea these SunLike bulbs are quite expensive, a single lighting element that fits inside the ceiling costing between US$25 and US$75, depending on its size. And it's clear that in a bigger room you need many more such LEDs. The Volvo EX90 will make use of 72 such interior lighting elements as sources. Smaller in size, but still 72! So it's clear that Volvo didn't skimp on the interior lighting in the EX90.
Volvo doesn't mention yet if the lighting temperature will be adjusted automatically, for example depending on the time received from the car's multimedia system, or if it can be adjusted manually, but the video below seems to suggest that such an adaptation of color will also be possible in the car. Therefore, at Volvo, the fashion for ambient lighting with purple or pink LEDs, or with illuminated air vents like in Mercedes, has already passed. Natural. That's the key word. And we are sure that many other manufacturers will follow this trend that Volvo is now starting.
See the video below for a brief description of this technology.
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