(VIDEO) This is the first Lancia from the new era of the renaissance of the Italian brand

Apr. 16th, 2023, 07:30 PM GMT
In November 2022, Lancia solemnly promised that it will soon be reborn, with fascinating new models inspired by the glory of its past. Being one of the most fascinating car brands of all time, with a history that already counts 117 years, it was a shame that in recent years Lancia reduced its presence only in its homeland, Italy, with only one model, the Ypsilon, which continues to sell impressively well there. But that model is somewhat emotionless and morally outdated, being based on a Fiat Panda platform from 20 years ago. From here on, however, the new era of the revival of the Italian brand begins, and this weekend Lancia presented the first car of this new era, called Pu+Ra HPE.
The name Pu+Ra actually represents Lancia's new, pure and radical design philosophy. Purity and simplicity in form and at the same time courage to be radical, that's what the new models will mean. And the first car, HPE, is a kind of coupe, with elements from many other body types, so that it makes the car difficult to name in a way. But the shapes are certainly radical and unique, with many atypical solutions, such as the rear lights, framed in an auxiliary body, part of a type of spoiler, which also have the Lancia name inscribed in raised capitals.
What we see here is a prototype for now and is meant to give us an introduction to the new era of the Lancia renaissance. The car is electric, because the entire new era of Lancia will be marked only by purely electric models, without gasoline engines or at least hybrid solutions, with the exception of the future Ypsilon, which will be launched in 2024. This concept car has a technical configuration, at least theoretically, which would allow an autonomy of 700 km, but a consumption of less than 10 kWh per 100 km, which is similar to the Mercedes EQXX concept. This means that a maximum 70-72 kWh battery will be needed, which, in tandem with a smart construction, could keep the final car very light, in the area of ​​1,600-1,700 kg. And that would mean, say the Italians, that charging the golden core of the battery would take about 10 minutes, probably with a power of about 350 kW or even more. At a power of 350 kW, about 58 kWh can be put into the battery in 10 minutes, so the claims are substantiated.
The name HPE was also used as a suffix in the past by Lancia, now it means High Performance Electric, which also suggests a commensurate power of the new car. But, details about the power are not communicated.
The interior of the car takes its inspiration from Italian furniture and its philosophy, designed to please the eye, but always with convenience and harmony in the foreground. Large windows for lots of natural light, simple and warm geometric shapes — electric propulsion and the lack of restrictions usual in a car with an internal combustion engine give greater freedom to configure the passenger compartment, with comfort closer to that of a modern living room.
So, this is how the new era of Lancia will look like. Inevitably, we first had to see a concept that would trace the new directions and philosophies and that would deeply impress. Then, we will see a Ypsilon from which we should have more moderate expectations because it will be made to ensure some sales during the transition period. And from 2026 we will start to see models that should take our breath away every time and that make us consider, once again, Lancia as one of the most inspiring car brands in the world.
See below also a video published by Lancia with the new Pu+Ra HPE.
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