(VIDEO) Mercedes unveiled the new generation E-Class W214, which resumes the suggestion of double headlights

Apr. 25th, 2023, 06:25 PM GMT
Ilie Toma
Mercedes revealed today the new generation E-Class W214, the car it presented a month ago as having TikTok and a selfie camera on board, but also 3 displays, including one dedicated to the passenger on the right, as is in vogue now, where he can consume his time in video games or movies. Well, with the full reveal, we could see the entire car, which debuts with optical blocks that suggest a return to the twin headlights of the E-Class.
They have two main lenses, but also two wavy strips of LEDs in the lower part, accompanied by a line in the upper part. If it weren't for the LEDs on top, most of us could have said they were almost taken from BMW.
In addition, the grille now has an illuminated outline, this being one of the many artifices that the new model possesses. At least with the twin headlights and the illuminated grille, the E-Class will no longer be confused with the C-Class or S-Class. But illuminated grille is optional.
The rear optical blocks repeat the idea of ​​the double lights, having other light features, resembling the Mercedes emblem. It's as if you now drive with four light-up red Mercedes emblems, so that everyone can see you at night, in addition to the usual emblem on the trunk lid.
The car also has two horizontal striations on the side of the body, which enter a little towards the middle of the front and rear doors, respectively. And the car handles are hidden now and come out automatically when you want to open the door.
All in all, the design has evolved moderately, not very radically, but not so little that you wouldn't recognize on the street if you see the new generation or the previous one. By the way, the official images represent the Exclusive Line version, the one with multi-spoke rims, and the AMG Line version, in the case of the one with black rims.
We all saw the interior a month ago, and there's not much to say here, other than dozens of app tricks, memory functions and all sorts of other digital functions.
Engines are not talked about much in the launch film and in the primary information, except that there is a plug-in hybrid version, with up to 100 km of electric autonomy. Mercedes declares even more solemnly in its press release — half of the engines will be hybrids at launch. And it is true, in fact, because the car will have three plug-in hybrid versions — E300e, E300e 4MATIC and E400e. All combine a 2.0-liter turbocharged gasoline engine with a 129 hp electric motor, with the difference between the E300e and E400e being the power of the gasoline engine. In the E300e it has 204 hp, and in the E400e — 252 hp. Respectively, the total power in the E300e is 313 hp and in the E400e — 380 hp.
In both cases, the battery is the same, 25.4 kWh, and the purely electric range is almost identical — 97-115 km for the E300e and 95-109 km for the E400e, which means about 60-70 miles. Optionally, the cars can have a fast-charge DC charger of 55 kW, which allows the battery to be charged in about 30 minutes. The hybrid versions are also very heavy, weighing between 2.2 and 2.3 tons empty (about 4.900-5.000 lbs).But they are also the most powerful, reaching the 100 km/h/60 mph mark in about 5.3-6.5 seconds.
In addition, there are three other classic engines, with mild-hybrid combustion engines. In fact, two of them are diesel, in an era when manufacturers are almost shy of launching diesel engines. We are talking about the E220d and E220d 4MATIC, with the same diesel engine as before, of 1,993 cubic cm, which produces 197 hp and 440 Nm. And there's also a petrol E200, with a 2.0-litre turbocharged 204 hp engine, the same engine on the hybrid versions.
So, at the time of launch, the new E-Class only has 4-cylinder engines, single or within plug-in hybrid systems, but 6-cylinder engines are missing here as well, as on the C-Class. In this case, however, there is at least hope that the E63 AMG version will have a bigger engine. Otherwise, all versions, including a future E53 AMG, will only be equipped with 4-cylinder engines.
See below today's premiere video, published by Mercedes, which says a lot about the accents that the new generation E-Class puts and about who the Germans imagine will buy their new generation E-Class.
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