Mercedes has produced a gorgeous one-off G-Class with classic inspiration to mark 500 thousand examples manufactured

Apr. 21st, 2023, 08:32 PM GMT
Anniversaries of large production numbers are not a rarity in the automotive world and usually the anniversary model happens to be destined for exactly one buyer in an important market. Mercedes, however, chose a completely different way to mark the jubilee of 500,000 copies of the G-Class manufactured in history. The jubilee model is classically inspired, and it's so gorgeous that probably many of us would like to see such an edition on the streets.
Thus, Mercedes chose to pay tribute to the 44 years of production of the G-Class, which has been manufactured since 1979. The 500,000th model, manufactured yesterday at the plant in Graz, Austria, is created in the style of the 280 GE model from 1986. Until and the pastel green color is identical to the 1986 model!
The car also has a similar design of the rims, with a smaller diameter, which is compensated by the size of the tires, it also has nets on the headlights, like the classic model, but also black inserts on the body. Only the mirrors seem to be a bit out of this world. Otherwise, the car looks great, front and rear, where it has a classic-style covered spare wheel and even a ladder to the roof on the right side.
Those from Mercedes say that the interior upholstery is also inspired by the 1986 model, but they don't publish any pictures of it. The car also has an emblem that reads "No. 500,000" inside, to make this copy even more special. Mercedes does not mention in which engine the anniversary model was produced, but we are convinced that this car is already worth 5 times more as a collector's item from the moment it left the factory, and its value will only increase over time. The car looks so good and is so inspired that Mercedes should definitely think about creating a whole special edition just like it!
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