A new record has been set in Dubai for the most expensive license plate ever auctioned

Apr. 11th, 2023, 12:28 PM GMT
A new world record was set in Dubai on Saturday when it bid for the number plate 'P 7', with the two symbols written so far apart that the number plate appears to have just the number 7 on it. A buyer paid 55 million dirhams for it, the equivalent of about 15 million dollars! Thus, the new record broke the previous one, also established in the United Arab Emirates a decade ago, when 52.5 million dirhams were paid for a plate with the number 1.
Dubai and the United Arab Emirates have already made a tradition of auctioning VIP plates, and the high density of rich people in the region makes them want to pay exorbitant amounts for these plates, just to show their social status and wealth of which they could afford to pay millions just on a plate.
In the case of the plate auctioned on Saturday, the money collected will not go to state budget, but will be donated to charity, as the Dubai police offered a total of 555 special plates for Saturday's auction, a grandiose one at that, which had the mission of raising enough money for 1 billion meals for people in disadvantaged regions of the planet. Of all the plates, "P 7" was the most special and the most desired. The buyer who bid $15 million for it wished to remain anonymous.
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